Friday, October 19, 2007

What Sweater?

I do this more than I like to admit, I get so excited to start a project and then fizzle out a tad (or more) and it gets pushed aside. That's what happened with EZ's February Baby Sweater. I've been knitting everything and anything else that I have besides it.

In my defense on this one, I got a little nervous after reading on Ravelry about construction problems with the sleeves and the pattern lining up etc, and just decided to put it off for a bit. Not give up (at least not yet) - just take a break from it.

Plus, I kept forgetting the first 4 sts are garter for the border and even though it's a simple pattern I kept screwing up y/o's etc. Ugh. It was begging me to leave it alone until my head was clearer and I could put a little more concentration into it.

So, I've almost got my scarf done, and the garter rib socks. And here's some goodies I got in the mail recently to keep me from feeling too bad:

I can't remember why I bought the Knit picks circulars, I think to try the magic loop sock technique (that explains the book too!). My mind hasn't been too clear lately, my migraines were acting up and I've been more foggy than I usually am. Bear with me, I'm a slow knitter even when I'm feeling good, but I hope you guys will come around to check on me once in awhile! LOL! Happy Knitting.


Anna said...

I wouldn't feel back about pushing projects aside. I'll admit that I have a scarf in my knitting basket that's only nearing the half-way mark...and I cast on two years ago!

Dawn said...

Oh, thanks Anna!! I was hoping having a blog would make me want to actually finish more things, But...things are still the same! LOL!!

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hi Dawn!

I'm in the same boat too! I need to stop starting things and start stopping things!

Posted some pics of my yarn - what do you think?!!