Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What yarn?

Okay, I didn't need this in any way shape or form, but my gosh, what else would you buy if your Mama sent you some Birthday Money??

See, this is how I buy yarn...a little of this, one of these, and a couple of those.... this is why I have such a "diversified" stash! That's a good thing right?

That's some Malabrigo, Sirdar Baby Bamboo, and I couldn't resist the skein of Berroco's Comfort. It's soooo soft! The scarf kit is lace weight, (and may never get done) but at least I HAVE IT! It's MINE!!!! I'm just tickled pink. I must've been on a blue/pink wave that day too....happy happy joy joy. Thanks Mom!!!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Hey, you're supposed to spoil yourself when someone gives you birthday money.

Looks like you got some nice stuff. I'm jealous. ;)