Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Ticker is driving me crazy...

I thought my countdown to Christmas ticker would be helpful to those of us who make goodies for the holidays and just need a reminder that it's coming... Unfortunately, mine's only making me tense up everytime I check out my blog!

See, I'm usually DONE by now with my holiday shopping (not knitting, just shopping!). I've always prided myself on being so efficient (my main motivation being that I hate crowds and stores running out of what I need). This year I've drawn a blank on what to get and just want to hide until it's all over. I know my girls aren't spoiled in that sense, but seeing that Santa has come is a big happy smooshy feeling in our house. (Even when they wake us up at 4 am and I just went to bed at 2!). They'll only be so small for so long ya know? Now, my girls are at an age that's kind of "in between" being "little" girls and being "big" girls! Getting them gifts gets harder each year as they grow up. I'm so totally BLANK!! I'm getting kinda stressed!

I know, I'll just keep knitting and things will come together! LOL! I'm meeting up with some fellow knitters tomorrow night. Just what the Dr ordered: a good dose of fun and clicking sticks to soothe my soul. It's not as fun a place as Charlies Pub she went to (what a cool place!), it's just a local Panera, but we enjoy ourselves and I really look forward to our hookups.

Caio for now and happy knitting.

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