Friday, October 26, 2007

It's been a nice week...

Here's a couple shots of Hubby's Socks, it's not easy taking pictures of your own feet but I wanted to show the pattern better. (The second picture is more the actual color also). Like I said before these are done with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Charcol. I usually get all my LL from ebay, I don't recall seeing it at my LYS's. Since it's my very first patterned sock I'm pretty darn happy to get them done. I'm a *vanilla ice cream* kind of gal as far as sock knitting goes, I LOVE plain St St to show off yarns (and it's a relaxing knit as well) but I have to admit, as long as I keep the foot part St st, I think I'll love knitting patterned socks.

Here's a pic of the finished Vintage Velvet. It's so shiny and pretty and unbeliveably SOFT. If this wasn't a gift for my Mom, i'd keep it for myself without question!

Obviously the rain did let up (and we really did need it!) so I took the girls to my afternoon knitting meeting at the library and then we went to a little park around here and I let them loose.

Needless to say after being cooped up for a few days - They left me in the dust! But, it was a great day for a nice brisk walk and even though there was a nice breeze and we can "see" some changes:
It just doesn't feel as "fall"-like as it has in the past by now. It's still a tad bit warm, but we'll take the pretty color changes anytime. Happy Autumn.

PS. Happy Happy Birthday Miss C. My youngest is 9 years old now and growing into such a beautiful and spirited young lady. We luv you!


Nat Red Knits said...

The socks and scarf turned out great!! The socks look more chocolate than charcoal in this picture.

Anna said...

Both the socks and the scarf are lovely.

I can't believe how quickly kids grow up.