Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ravelry is pretty cool...

Ravelry has had me hooked since I got my invite yesterday (even though I had company). I spent a lot of time checking out projects, yarns and visiting different forums and groups. What a lot of great info! Perfect for someone like me who buys yarn with absolutely NO idea what they're going to do with it. I'm not a "gee, this would make a great sweater, I better get a bunch" kind of knitter. I'm more the "buy one or two hanks and just see what I can come up with to see if I like it" type. Ravelry makes that SO MUCH EASIER! I don't think I'd put all my stash on there though, I really don't think I'm ready to face how much yarn I really have!

Right now I'm working on baby things for a few people. I've started Elizabeth Z's baby sweater that's in her Knitters Almanac book. Ravelry was awesome as I could view pics of other's projects, the different yarns they've used, and how they changed up the pattern itself. Very enlightening. I've already had to rip out twice now, once I realized my gauge was too big, and the second time I completely flew by an increase row since I was distracted by my buttonhole placement. (sigh). Good thing a baby sweater is small! Plus, knitting and being tired don't mix well. I just get in a zone and my fingers move but my brain is on standby!

I plan to post a pic soon. I'm still working on the yoke (darn frogging) and can't wait to see how it comes out. Wish me luck!

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