Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still raining, no pics yet of recent FO's...

But I do have one of yarn I forgot to post about awhile back! Doesn't this kind of package just make you happy- happy? I feel like it's Christmas when I get them in the mail - Especially when I've forgotten what I've ordered! (Sorry for the poor pic quality, I've got to get better lighting!)

Here's some Yarntini in Cosmo & Appletini. That's Sophie (my kitty) trying to see if she can get in the picture.
I also got my Knitpick Options set, (not the Harmony's - the metal ones). I'm still trying to decide if I like them. I love the tips, but wonder if they'll come loose when knitting. I'm afraid to tighten them too much with that key tool.
I ordered them especially to do this:

I couldn't resist after seeing them all over the place. It's a Tulip Baby Sweater Kit that I got from Threadbear. I called on a Wednesday and they quit making them that Saturday. Whew! Talk about cutting it close.... Although now with Ravelry I've seen a few more places that have them "just in case" I get as addicted to them as others have! LOL!

I'm kind of worried about getting going on this one now since I've read more than once about "not having enough yardage" from Threadbear for the sweater. They seem to be good about sending out more if you need it, but I'm hoping I get lucky since they aren't even making the kits anymore. You can see the peach color has two balls, they sent me a hank (that's wound by someone in the shop) with a huge knot in it. I'm thinking if she was measuring the yardage as she was making up the kits, she would've had to have seen that and just let it go. hmmmm Oh well, it's still going to be pretty I'm sure.

I've got more socks OTN's right now, but they're going to be gifted at some point so I have to wait to post pics of those.

Life is pretty busy with the kids home for Fall Break this week. They're about ready to kill each other so I can't wait for school to be back in session. With the rain we've been cooped up, can't wait until this weekend when we're supposed to dry out a bit. I'm just hiding and knitting...

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Anna said...

That yarntini yarn is gorgeous!