Friday, July 11, 2008

Bath Puff - DONE!

I found this the other day in one of my many knitting bags. I'm not sure when I started it but I think it's been in there for quite awhile. I'm pretty sure that I just had the last edge row to do but I just gave up and ended it because I was too lazy to finish it. Mine doesn't seem as round and full as others on Rav but it's still pretty to look at. After I bought a bunch of cotton, I read about how stinky these can get with use. People have just tossed theirs because of the smell. I rinse my dishcloths in cold water, dry them and they don't stink, but this is so bunched up....seems ripe for smelli-ness to me. (There's even a SUPER bunchy pattern!) Has anyone used one of these and not had it smell?? I may try it once to see, I don't have anything to lose but $1.oo worth of yarn!

Pattern: Bath Puff
Sugar N Cream -Pink
Crochet Hook "H"

About yesterday's post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my camera. It's funny, I'm rounding up Panasonic products like a collector. We realized last night that we have quite a few and we've been happy with them over time. The camera costs as much as that bike, and since I already have a bike (I'm too short for it- but it's usable) I'll just hold off on that. That would be fun if all of us would use ours at the same time!! Okay, I'd fib about using it and you all would be skinny minny's. I liked that other bike because it's a good fit for me (so comfy - and it's compact). The Big Guy picked up the last one without me so basically it's just taking up room. It's not easy to exercise when you feel like you're sliding down the whole time you're trying to pedal. It's tough to be petite sometimes!

The girls come home tomorrow. I think they've missed us some, I sure hope they have because we've missed them. I've been a lady with her butt on fire doing some major house cleaning while they've been gone though. My knitting has gone by the wayside and I miss it. I just finished cleaning the oven so my arms are shaky and ready to fall off. No knitting today but at least my oven sparkles!
Have a great weekend!


knittinwolf said...

Love the puff! I'll have to try that one!:) You're supposed to clean your oven? :) Such a good girl and its not even spring! I've been cleaning bathrooms, changing beds and doing laundry. We're such exciting girls aren't we? love ya

kibbles said...

Cute puff! I never thought of making my own! No idea about anti-smell...perhaps adding a small bit of disinfectant to the wash/rinse water?

How cool about your camera! :) Way more fun than an exercise bike! And the girls come home just in time to dirty up a sparkling home! And the oven, too? What did you Martha Stewart? *grin*

Have a great Friday!!!

Anna said...

No idea about whether the bath puff would smell. I think it's cute though.

The problem with my exercise bike is there's an adjustment that lets you fit the bike to your size. However, the knob doesn't tighten for me, so I start exercising in the right position, and then I'm farther and farther from the pedals until I can't reach them anymore. After the 80th time of pulling myself forward and re-tightening, I don't want to use it anymore!