Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knitters ADD

It's sure "catchy" but I guess we're all susceptible at times. I've been reading as much on other blogs so I know I'm not alone these days. The first Gretel I made went super FAST, this time I keep messing up all over the place and can't get the flow going smoothly. I've been fudging the stitches already and I'm only on Row 10. I do love this purple I'm using though, I think it's Red Heart Soft. This will be gifted for Christmas probably. Well... if it ever gets done.

Here's sock #2 in progress and it's driving me absolutely crazy. I've started over 3 blasted times. The first time was because I was visiting with my inlaws and cast on too many sts, the second time was because I dropped a stitch and it was a mess due to the k2 tog, yo's. So, try number three here has just begun again. At least the one sock I've finished so far DOES fit me! There is hope.
My Undulating Waves Scarf is in limbo land permanently. I can't decide whether I want to take all those beads off and over-dye this yarn. Now is the time to really consider it since I don't know if dyeing it AFTER it's all done will work with the beads on there. I wouldn't want any of the beads to crack or discolor. It seems safer to do the yarn all alone I would think. I rinsed this Schaefer Heather yarn before beginning my scarf and it bled out a lot (not unusual with this yarn brand). It's a lot duller now and washed-out looking. I think a quick burgundy over-dye job just might help it perk back up. What do you think??

Actually in the picture it looks more colorful than it is in real life. Trust me, it looks washed out.
I've been on Rav a lot lately, too much as a matter of fact. I've printed out several more patterns of "this & that". My "someday" list is not achievable in this lifetime but it's sure fun to dream!

Oh! And I bought more yarn....I'll save that for the next post tho! Happy Knitting!


knittinwolf said...

I love the undulating scarf! I've go to do the gretel hat too...love it! Can't wait to see what yarn ya bought...what happened to yarn diet? :) Gotta give you a hard time...you've done soooooo great with that! Loud applause! Love ya

Anna said...

Sometimes I spend more time printing patterns off Ravelry than I do knitting! :D

I think the socks are looking good. Can't wait to see the Gretel hat. As for the scarf, I like what I see so far, but if it does look washed out in reality, I'd do the dyeing beforehand. Don't take my advice, since I've never dyed yarn before, but I too would be concerned about the condition of the beads afterward.

Nat Red Knits said...

I love the undulating scarf just the way it is!!

I think you should really think about coming up here in August for Stitches... you can stay at my places and ride with me and Kelp if you want!