Monday, July 7, 2008

Less than 24 hours...

that the girls have been away from me & The Big Guy. I keep expecting them to come in and bug me. It's so darn "quiet" that I'm going nuts. On those days when they're fighting like crazy, have a tangy tongue when they answer me back, or can't keep their hands to themselves, I just want to be left alone.

Then I drop them off with their Grandparents for a week. And the quiet is almost too much. I miss my crazy kids like crazy.

Last summer I was without them for two whole months but I was so preoccupied with my Mom's health that time just flew by. It's different being "home" without them. Since moving here when they were small, we never had family around to dump them on, so we're one "tight knit family unit" by circumstance. It's just weird to be on our own. Two parents who don't have anybody to boss around. Just weird. Well, there are the cats...if we could find them.

Of course when the girls get back I'll be wishing I could drop them off for another week (or two).

I love the drive to Gm & Gp's house. I stopped by The Yarn Patch of course and found out I missed their big sale on Saturday! :( So I had to buy a couple of things to cheer me up. The good news is they're getting ready for lots of new yarns soon...

It's funny, the news says that people are slowing down with gas prices so high, but I saw license plates from over half the states of this great land on I-40. Trust me, with that traffic - not too many people are "staying home". That's the most out-of-towners I've ever counted. (Just a thing I do to make time pass by). I got really home sick seeing a trucker from Selma, CA, which is one of my old town's neighbors. boohoohoo. CA people I see on the road must think Tennesseans are totally batty because I get so excited to see a CA plate that I wave everytime. (They don't always see me do it! I'm not that weird!)

On a happier note, Miss Dawn's Birthday is tomorrow and she got my little package in time so I'm jazzed about that. As rotten as I feel these days, I never thought I'd make it on time! That was truly a miracle! Wishing you a Super Awesome Birthday Dawn!!!
Here's a little something I knit for her and I hope it doesn't fall apart:

I thought it came out pretty and I even worked my first provisional cast on. I AM the fearless knitter this year.

I used: Dale of Norway "Stork" which is a fine mercerized cotton. It's really soft, a little thicker than I had wanted, but it's perfect for a washcloth. The pattern is from Fiber Trends Bathing Beauties. I love these patterns, they're very delicate and feminine.

I'm off to enjoy a piece of Chocolate Silk Pie in honor of Dawn's birthday. I just love celebrations!!


knittinwolf said...

When we were on vacation I saw some TN plates and waved and said say "hi to Dawn" for me! Maybe we could meet in between like NM?:) I sooooo love my goodies. That washcloth set is soooo beautiful...too pretty to use and too special! Especially since I know how you've been feeling you shouldn't have done nothing!:)

We've never left Jimmy anywhere...maybe over night at Grandma/Grandpa's but thats it...can't imagine how quiet that must be and no arguing..but then its no hugs, kisses and snuggles.:(

Eat a piece of pie for me too! Love you lots! Thank you again for all the wonderful goodies! Took a bite out of the cupcake! j/k

Anna said...

I always say I need some peace and quiet around the house, and then hubby suggested a one-week overnight camp for my daughter and I put my foot down. Couldn't be away from her that long!

What a nice gift! Very pretty, delicate, and feminine.