Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Helpful Self

Just an FYI if you were on the old Knitting Bloggers webring, or were trying to join around late March (like me!), they're NOW going thru "alt-webring"- so re-sign up if you have time.

Here's the link.

I managed to get The Yarn Addicts one set up before late March but tried to get into Knitting Bloggers and Southern Knitting Blogs right around the time that Ringsurf was updating their set up. (They just seem to have broken everything that was already set up). I never got any response about them because the ring gals were having their own problems. Things don't seem to work the way they used to when you click on the links on other blogs, and I guess they couldn't add people so it was smart for the Knitting Bloggers to move. Ringsurf really screwed things up. I don't know how many people actually "use" them but I love just browsing thru other knit & crochet blogs.

Okay, my PSA in done. Thank U for tuning in.

*Please bear with me on the changes to my blog (again). I'm just trying to make things fit and not be so squished. Questions or comments are always welcome.

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