Friday, July 18, 2008

It's all Dawn's Fault :)

that my stash has increased ever so slightly. When she knit her purple socks, I just had to have some purple yarn myself. Why I didn't have any in my stash by now is beyond me, I have just about every other color. I ordered this from a seller on Etsy. It's called The Yo-Yo String & Fluff. The yarn is called "Not Called Amethyst". It feels very soft but it wasn't quite the purple I was after. Actually in real life it looks more brownish purple. Camera's sure do funny things to yarn, my camera picked up more purple too!

I also went to my old stand by- Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Purple Club. I really liked the purple colorway that Sundara Yarns has but of course they're one of those sellers whose yarn is "not available" a lot of the time since people rush it like a riot. I guess they can't keep up right now. They were going to post more yarn on the 17th and people crashed their server. I'll probably never see that one so these will have to do.

The bottom one is a colorway called Raspberry that I saw on Ebay when I was getting my Purple Club. I was in the mood for more pink and after I got it remembered I had some Raspberry in my stash already!! I was so excited to see that they actually look like two different colorways though. The bottom is more of a bright pink mixture and the top has darker color variations. Way cool. Pink makes me happy-happy.

See, not so bad. A little yarn makes for much happiness. Now if I could just get my kitty to stop chewing up my Knitpicks Circs I'd be a super happy camper.


knittinwolf said...

My fault huh? :) You should of asked for the purple..I think I can get more! Love what you got the pink too! I'm thinking on getting some pink crocs...I always get the safe colors that go with everything but I love pink...even got some pink yarn to make a pink sweater! Tired of black/brown/blue that goes with everything..going to wear my pink sweater with orange or green...I'll be an eccentric ol' lady! hee hee Yes, I'm behind in my sock knitting Missy! You're keeping track!:) Guess I better snap to it huh?:) James came home today and brought me a dozen red roses just because! I was shocked...I just kept saying "wow!" Have a great weekend sweetie! Love ya!

Anna said...

I'm drooling over all that yarn! Now that hubby's got a new job, I think my stash might grow, too. :D I'll have to go to you for yarn advice.