Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fire codes?

I took this shot right out of the upstairs window on the 4th (no zoom, nothing special). My southern neighbors here did the BIG, GIANT Fireworks right in their own back yards (and front yards). Let me tell you....ah, scary. So many were right over our house. I mean "RIGHT OVER MY ROOF". Yikes. This is the first year they've ever done them so close! I guess I lived in CA too long (in the city), so with all our "drought" problems people couldn't do this. Ever. We went to the fairgrounds or water parks to see these biggies. They're so pretty, but oh so stressful. You gotta weigh "free" over "will this burn my house down?"

I was naughty again. I sure hope everyone got their email from Interweave Knits about the "Hurt Book Sale" so I won't be the only one who went kind of crazy. I immediately bought 6 books since last year they were so swamped that I couldn't get through at all. I think I did enough damage this go around - and I had already ordered two others from Knit Picks big sale. Bad Girl. I love reading though, and knitting books make me very, very happy. Can't wait until next year!

On the parent-less front, The Big Guy is hanging in there - barely. He's so funny, he hadn't even finished dinner last night and he had to call them to check in. He's always been like that though, my family still laughs about how when they were babies they could only hold "his" girls for so long before he came and scooped them away to go change a diaper or something. He's just a very hand's-on Daddy. I'm actually enjoying the quiet now! And I'm really glad they're spending time with Gm & Gp. I was at my GParents a LOT when I was young since my Mom was a single parent so I know how special that relationship can be.

We're going to go scope out Sam's Club and get some dinner. Happy Knitting. (Which I haven't been doing much of...)


knittinwolf said...

The cookie pic on my blog is not one I took of my cookies! It looked better than mine though!:) The recipe is the one I used and is very yummy...not the mooshy ones though your thinking of...I'd sure like that recipe although I think it uses a lot of lard..ick!

We had those huge fireworks too...which ticks me off because of all the brush and weeds around. You should of heard all the sirens. The did arrest 75 people for doing illegal fireworks and fined over 100 for them too. When ya comin back to CA???????

Have a great evening with the Big Guy...enjoy your time together!:)
love and hugs

still loving all my goodies...have them on my fireplace area where I can touch and see them all the time!:)

Anna said...

The people in my townhome community have no qualms about setting off fireworks right on their doorsteps. I even saw them light 'em up in a patch of dried grass in the field next to our unit. Real brilliant. When we went away for the 4th, I was hoping our home would still be standing when we got back.

It's been a long time since I bought a knitting book. I'll live vicariously through you!

Your hubby sounds like an awesome man. Definitely a keeper! My hubby is hands-on, too. He spent most of our daughter's 8 years working part-time at night so he could stay home with her during the day and I could work. Not a lot of guys I know would do that.