Thursday, July 10, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

I thought I wanted one of these:

And then I found this:
I had to ask myself :
1) Which one will I USE the most?
2) Which one will fit better in the master bedroom?
and 3) Which one will I get the most benefit from?

Most importantly, which one makes me squeal with glee???? Yes, that's right folks:

Door #2. The camera.

Well, the bike would be a big benefit IF I would use it!! That's one heck of a of big "IF"! On the other hand, I just about take pictures EVERY SINGLE DAY! This camera was just too cool to pass up. My daughter seems to have possibly broken my Sony, so the timing just worked out. What would you have picked?

PS. I may get the bike for Christmas, I'm hoping the price goes down even more by then. They come in handy to hang clothes on....


kibbles said...

I'd pick the camera, too! LOL Let's hope that Santa can get the bike at a lower cost in 6 months or more yarn to add to your stash! :)

Anna said...

I have a nice bike that serves as a clothes hanger because my closet is too full! LOL

I think the camera was a good choice, but back when I still used my bike, I did move the clothes, exercise, and put them back afterward. ;)

knittinwolf said...

I'd pick the camera over the clothesline too!:) Won't the bike be hard on your knees/hips/back? Have you tried an eliptical...less stress on joints!:) Better yet swimming! Swimming is wonderful for the fibro. Your bd is coming sooner than Christmas!