Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Socks Reflect My Self

I know I've had experiences where my knitting reflects my own health/issues/feelings at the time and these are an accurate picture of how things have been lately. Just the usual stuff really - but sometimes I can work around it better than others. This wasn't one of those times! This project really tested my love of sock knitting. Finally -I ended the misery - even though one is slightly smaller than the other, they seem to fit okay. A miracle after many mis-starts, wrong cast on's, dropped stitches, tinking back rows, and sheer frustration. I know, that's life in general. We all have those times. I just wish my brain would function like it used to "pre-fibro". When my doctor's nurse asked me for my phone number yesterday: I couldn't remember it. Not at all. Now that's pretty bad.

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Old Rose
Size 1 needles
C/O 68 sts - Picot Edge

I gotta say, Cherry Tree Hill turns out some SOFT socks in my opinion. They can get a little ratty and pilly if you wear them around the house like I do, but they're just so comfy I hate to take them off. If you've never tried this yarn, do so. You'll be pleased.

I found out today that my ANA-autoimmune blood test is still positive so I'll be sent to yet another Rhuematologist in the near future. I hope this time I'll find one that will believe me and help me figure out what this means. I tried Cymbalta recently (30 mg) and it really didn't agree with me. I know the beginning of any type of SSRI is tough (nausea, etc.) but this was terrible. I had anxiety, my throat felt like it was closing up, I couldn't sleep. I think this was what speed must be like, I was totally wired. I think it was too strong, 3 nights was all I could handle and I quit. The only good thing was that I had no pain while I was on it. I may try the 20 mg if my Doctor can get me samples though. It also helps with migraines so that would be a plus. I am a little freaked reading about people's experiences with stopping it though, it causes severe withdrawal symptoms for some people. Scary stuff. We'll see.

Back to the needles: I'm working on my other Gretel still and have wound up my Lorna's Laces Purple Club for yet more torture socks. Happy Knitting.

PS. What does your hubby do when the power goes out (read: he has nothing else to do) and you don't feel so hot??

Mine winds my yarn for me.


knittinwolf said...

What a good winder you have!:) The socks look really good...I haven't knit with Cherry Tree yet...I have a skein but haven't used it! So wish they'd find out whats wrong and fix it on ya! To be normal...whats that? Sending you love and hugs We're done puking and pooping but still are very weak/dizzy and snotty. Oh joy, you wanted to know that huh?

Anna said...

I hope the new doc can help you out! ((HUGS))

I wish my hubby would wind yarn. You're one very lucky woman!