Friday, June 13, 2008

Cool ZooMobile

I had to pick up a couple of books from the library yesterday (YES! I actually got out of the house! It's an absolute miracle!) and I was excited that the Zoomobile would be there so the girls could enjoy it.

Well...lets just say that my expectation of their excitement was premature. They're growing up faster than I care for. They love animals, they just weren't as enthused as I thought they'd be.

And...there were mostly smaller kids there, BUT it's not like mine are 16 yet! geez!! We ended up staying (my choice) and I think they enjoyed it after all. Especially after my oldest found out that when she's 13 she can volunteer at the zoo. Right now she can attend zoo camp, but later is when she'll really get to be more hands on with helping out. She's totally jazzed, only a little more than a year to go. Of course, will her desire still be there in one year?? I sure hope so. We have so many books on mammels, sea life, reptiles, birds, etc. that she's amassed over the years you'd think we had our own library. She's a huge animal lover.

The Zoo goes around to different library branches and brings small animals to show. This snake was the second one, the first was a huge lizard thingy that lives in the rainforest. I can't remember where this snake came from, I'm not a huge fan of them so it blew right by me...oh, I do remember that it's some kind of rat snake, maybe from Africa.

This was the best though, this is a little fox from the Sahara Desert and it was just the cutest little thing! All the kids got to pet his back. I just wanted to take him home, until I saw his claws and teeth. We'll let Mr. Foxy stay in his own den.
His ears keep him cool in the desert. Aren't they cute?

I was a happy camper and learned a little knowledge that I didn't know before. It makes me wish I could volunteer at the zoo. But I can't even get thru one episiode of Meerkat Manor (it just breaks my heart) and my kids can watch with no problem. She's probably the better choice and she's been an Animal Planet watcher since she was a toddler. Keeping my fingers crossed that she'll still want to do this in the near future. xx


knittinwolf said...

How awesome is that! Zoomobile, wow! You'd think CA would have something like that! Since you're going to the inlaws does that mean yarn store thats on the way?:) Its been so long! I feel your deprivation!:) I'm not good for your diet! Been thinking on chopping my hair know what my mom said "it'll make your *ss look bigger than it already is!"...can you believe that? What does my hair have to do with my butt? Needless to say I told her I didn't feel like shopping today...of course she calls me on my cell phone when I'm gone! ug She made my IBS get irritable this morning! A pain in my...Boy did I need to vent! Hope you have a great fun weekend. Whatcha going to work on on the drive? love ya

Anna said...

The Zoomobile sounds cool. I would've enjoyed it myself. I notice that we enjoy certain things as young children, then we get a little older and the same things aren't "cool" anymore, and then we become adults and don't give a darn what other people think and enjoy these things again. (Does this make any sense at all?)