Friday, June 27, 2008

I (heart) Knitters

Yea!! I did it!! Fellow Raveler Susan (Kibbles) helped me so much in being able to get the Ravelry WIPs & Finished Objects stuff on my blog. She gave me all the info I needed to work it out and I'm such a happy camper now. Thank you tons Susan! I would've never figured it out without your help. She has a cool blog too, check it out! Her kitty is pretty handsome as well!

Today was "clean the house" day. Fun. Joy. But I always feel so much better once it's done. Looking around me right now, I still have a LOT of sorting to do, but that can wait until another day.

I'm totally excited, yesterday I got this in the mail:

Remember I said I wanted it? Well, I ordered it. I've been a pretty good girl this year on my yarn diet, I think I deserved something to make my heart pitter patter. I don't know how I'll do with this, I've crocheted with beads before but never knitted with them. First I have to string them on, so I'm not sure when I'm going to start this. I also hate charts so I'll be writing the pattern out first to help me along. Ohhh, I can't wait! The yarn is Schaefer Heather. I've had my ups and downs with Schaefer yarns, but this kit was WAY too pretty to pass up.

Here's a project that will never get finished:

I found this buried in my closet and I totally understand why. I'm so not diggin this. It's a self changing yarn (I don't know where I put the label right now) but it looked so pretty in the little ball...I have to try another pattern perhaps. This is just u g l y. It's funny, most people on Rav used it in this diagonal scarf pattern but it's just not working for me.

Okay, I'm off to try to get some more knitting done on my SIL's beret. No tubular cast on for me, it really didn't look difficult at all (it's simply for stretch & flexibility), but I felt it really wasn't necessary and I'll explain all that when I get the hat done. ciao!


knittinwolf said...

OOOOOH I want that beaded scarf kit too! I like your blog stuff too, you computer guru you! Might have to let me know how you did it!:) Go soak in the tub! hugs

kibbles said...

How sweet of you to write about me in your blog! :) I'm so glad you got the coding to work. woo hoo!

Can't wait to see how your beaded scarf turns out! I think it'll be really pretty!!! Cheers!

Julianne said...

That yarn looks so pretty. I am going to have to get busy and start making Chloe some sweaters for when winter comes around and a little blankie too. She is so much fun. She loves being outside and playing and running around. She has one of those long little squeaky pink dogs from PetCo and she runs with it in her mouth. It is almost as long as she is and she looks so funny. She also hides her toys under the daybed in my office. She runs after fuzzy and they chase each other. Daisy is a little hmph with her. She doesn't come out to play with her. She just stays in one of her zillion hiding places. But she will come out at bedtime and cuddle with me just to make sure that Chloe sees how she rates.
Well, I did take her to the vet the same afternoon I got her. She got her shots and has a f/u in three weeks. He said she was healthy, her heart sounded good, her eyes and ears were good. So she is a good baby. I will keep you up to date with pics of her. Okay.. Talk to you later. Hugs and kisses to everyone. Love ya,

Anna said...

I knit a beaded bag ages ago. Knitting with beads wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. It was stringing the beads that drove me batty! I've been clearing out my WIPs. I finished my gram's shawl and I only have a half-finished scarf (in my case, I actually like it!) and a sock to finish up and the slate will be clean. I can't wait!