Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sometimes a change is good...

Lately I've been crocheting more than I've been knitting. I sometimes need a change (notice my blog keeps changing? LOL!) to keep me in a happy place. Certain MEN (my husband) would say it's because I'm a woman. hmpf.

I had several skeins of yarn that I had set aside to make a Patchwork Afghan from Lion Brand's site. I first saw it in a catalog they sent me (a couple of years ago?) and I fell in love! Later I thought "can I really knit 100 squares without losing my mind?" And then later as brain cells were actually functioning in a faster mode, I thought about all those "ends" that would need to be woven in. Oy. Not going to happen in a million years no matter how much I love that afghan.

All that yarn has been in my closet for a long time now so I finally pulled it out and decided on a ripple afghan using Jan Eaton's pattern "Soft Waves" in the book 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns . It's not going to be a huge monster, probably just a simple back of the couch kind of "catch all the cat hair" kind of blankee. I used the Random Stripe Generator to develop some ideas and while I'm not using it "exactly", I'm working from parts of different designs to make it easier than picking colors randomly on my own. I'm so indecisive, it would never happen without it so I'm thankful that it's available.

I have to take breaks with this project though, I must sit totally still when I crochet now because there's one spot on my back (on the right side between my shoulder blades) that tenses up like crazy when I crochet this. Time for some yoga (and knitting).

The Big Guy has caught that summer cold that's going around. He seems okay as long as he takes his Tylenol Cold. Poor Guy. I hate when he's sick, but luckily it's the weekend and he's been able to get some rest. I can't get him to stay home from work if my life depended on it, so it hitting last Friday was the best time it could've popped up.

Today was a good day to lay low, we had some thunderstorms come by that sounded like they'd crack my house in two. Yes, this southern weather will never cease to scare the beejeebee's out of me.

Stay well and knit - or crochet on.


Nat Red Knits said...

In my mind, afghans are best done in crochet. Much much quicker! I would lose my mind too if I knit one that size.

Very very soon I will have that a/c and be able to work on Sarah's afghan.

And...maybe find myself on a road trip next month. I'll let you know.

knittinwolf said...

Love the ripple! Yup, we're on the same wavelength!:) I was quite surprised another post! You're on a roll!:) Love you lots!

Anna said...

What a pretty afghan! I love the colors. Is this the only crochet project you're working on right now? I wouldn't mind seeing others. ;)

Hope The Big Guy feels better soon!

Julianne said...

PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all those colors. I love crocheting. I need to do that to all of my different color yarns too. Well, I will try to be better at keeping in touch. Boy, did my mom get upset with me. She said, you shouldn't be that way to lil' Donna...keep in touch with her and don't make her I got it from both ends...hahaha...but I will admit that I deserve it. Well, I will talk to you soon okay. Take care and again I love that afghan...

Dawn said...

Jeanne! Call me when you come thru!! Let me know when you're all settled too! :)

Dawn! We're so on the same wave twilight zone of us huh? LOL! Why can't I write a short blog post?? Can you teach me?? :P

Anna! This is a monster! LOL! I have about 10 skeins on the bed off and on, it's all the crocheting I can do right now! LOL!! Did you see my other blankets on Rav? I haven't done one in ages. :)

Julie! I don't know why I didn't think to call your Mom!! LOL!! I watch too much mystery/crime tv. You can't leave me hanging like that...I was going insane!!! PS. I told MY MOM on you too!! hahahaha! PS. If you need the pattern I'll send it to you. Just let me know. It's a great stash buster pattern! Check out all the different ones on Rav.

knittinwolf said...

I love this pattern...keep coming back to the post just to look at it! Its on Rav?

Julianne said...

you told on are so bad. I guess that will teach me huh? My mom was laughing when I told her that you said you watched too many unsolved mystery shows or crime scene shows. Yes, I want that pattern. I just love it. It is so pretty. What size needle are you using and is it a double or single stitch? Okay, talk to you later. Love ya