Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Today was errand running day. Thank goodness I actually woke up in time to enjoy some daylight for a change. It feels so good to be out in the sun enjoying the day with most of the world instead of being asleep. My nocturnal ways are really getting old (and a little depressing). I'd give almost anything to turn my clock around for good. Maybe someone needs to konk me on the head or something. Where's an anesthesiologist when you need one?

ANYWAY, it was another hot day today - in the 90's - but thankfully it wasn't as humid as I was expecting. Last week when the girls and I took a walk it was only around 78 or so - but it FELT like being in a sauna at a spa. How high do those things go? Drip. Drip. Drip. That's all I have to say. Ew. Even the 70 year old lady who can easily walk circles around me looked like she was ready to drop that day!! She does 6 miles a day, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. She really makes me feel pudgy and slow! I would walk with her but she leaves me in the dust...literally. Well, we do what we can.

Today was Wal-Mart day. Sometimes you just need stuff but I dread going there for many reasons. One: the crowd. If I could get up early and be there by 8:00 AM it's not bad at all, but that's the time when I'm falling asleep nowadays so it's "time to find your space in this busy world and arm wrestle a cart from some little old lady" kind of shopping. A little stressful, yes. And Two: I SPEND MONEY. I went for another paper shredder (my old one lasted many years but doesn't criss-cross shred) and $300 later we left. Funny how that happens?? Well, I also got a crock pot to try some new dishes since cooking is NOT my thing. This seems pretty "no-brainer" and I'm the type who has to cook the HECK out of any kind of meat since the memory of a family member having food poisoning from some chicken has always stuck with me. We also got another TV for the guest room since mine blew up and I took that one. (That helped my total get up there. ) All in all we had a great day. We had lunch at Olive Garden (I dreamed of fettucini and had to have it..)

and then we stopped by Borders.

I so Freak in there. My eyes dart everywhere at once. People must think I'm on something. I'm a big library kind of gal because I read like the wind and don't have the space for that passion, but seeing what new books are out is so cool. AND, there are so MANY knitting books that I get all flustered, excited, and have warm fuzzies since the tiny little Waldenbooks at the mall close to us has about two titles at a time. I really enjoyed browsing through a lot that I had on my Wish List on Amazon and was glad that I had held off on some of them. I a l m o s t bought one of the Harmony Guide books, I think it was the Lace one but I did good and stepped away before anyone (my wallet) got hurt. After that prior shopping trip it was time to be frugal (I'm so cheap). I came home with just these (all on clearance):

Joel Osteen is an awesome Pastor. I really enjoy his sermons & books and I've needed some uplifting thoughts lately. The cook book is really cool and it was only around five dollars. The journal is for me to start tracking my good (?) & bad days. What hurts, how bad, how long, etc. My mind is mush anymore and I rattle on & on (how come I can't write a short blog post?) then forget what happened yesterday. I want to start tracking my symptoms and pain issues so when I go to the doctor and she asks "How are you doing?" I'll have an inkling what to say.
The Big Guy is sparking up the grill (nothing like good old fashioned charcol to bring back great childhood memories.) so I'm going to go help. Happy Summer.


knittinwolf said...

Your blog has changed...shocked me! What a great shopping trip! Maybe that old lady is really a young punk dressed in old lady clothes!:) Theres a great crock pot cookbook called Easy SlowCooker Cookbook....soooo many great recipes... you can do it!:) Oh no, Dawn's cooking!j/k haha

Anna said...

I love that journal! What a great color! Let me know how the slow cooker meals go. I need to get a new crockpot, but I don't use it that often. I think dinner could be easier if I did.

We had a little backyard BBQ yesterday before the 2-hour thunderstorm. Another heat advisory today. Thank God for central air!

Take care and stay cool!