Thursday, June 5, 2008

Father's Day SOCK

One Father's Day sock done. Full of cat hair and a few snags (Sophie got a hold of it! Bad Kitty! Grrrr!) but it's done and going to be washed (again!).

This pattern turned out a little big unfortunately. Yes, I had him try it on because I was having a hard time knitting these at nighttime and I was crossing my fingers hoping it would fit. It's a 72 stitch cast on which is BIG - but for a guy I figured I'd be okay.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Sport Weight (I should've used fingering I'm thinking) in Charcol and I used size 2 needles rather than size 3 that the pattern called for. I don't much care for the Cheshire Cat stripes on these I must say, I think I would prefer a solid yarn. Ok, they aren't "that" noticeable in truth, but they make them seem more like "fun" socks than fancy dress socks to me. Good thing The Big Guy rarely has to dress up for work, his standard outfit is jeans, nice shirts, and tennis shoes (being that it's a manufacturing plant), but every so often he has to suit up for meetings with customers. It was so funny the last time we had to scramble for a suit for him...he had to borrow a tie because we had given them all away years ago!

Well, he just informed me I have to make the other one so I guess I will. He can wear them around the house and let the cats lay all over them (they LOVE them!) It just sort of bummed me out because I usually make his socks a little too snug!! Oh well, someday I'll get it right!


knittinwolf said...

That looks really I feel guilty for not making James any...someday!:) What pattern did you use? hugs

Anna said...

I think the sock turned out great. As long as they fit, I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think the stripes look bad.

I've made hubby only one pair of socks. He said he wanted thick socks to wear around the house, so I made those Thuja for him, and he never wears them. :(