Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Big Guy (You're the BEST!)

From the very beginning: you cut up the tiny apple slivers I needed to get thru morning sickness (in the evening). You helped me get thru the complications from my first c-section (I couldn't have done it without you). You were there to change (many, many) diapers, rock them to sleep, take feeding shifts even when you had to work and I didn't, chauffeur them to daycare (and check on them on your lunchtime everyday), be the nurse when bad tummies happened, put in pony tails, take them for their immunizations because I was too scared, make school lunches (and MY lunch!), do bath time and.... SO, SO, much more I'd have to write for the rest of my life.
You give them so much love every single day, they'll always know their daddy is their rock. Solid.

We luv you Daddy. Always.

Luv, Your Girls

PS. His socks came out "decent" and will be super comfy when winter time rolls around. In sport weight they turned out squishy and soft. Total comfort socks. Thank goodness these were salvageable, I was ready to give up! Gasp! He does have cute legs don't cha think?


knittinwolf said...

What an awesome blog post...made me want to cry! hugs

Julianne said...

I am crying.....I remember the day you told me you were marrying him like it was yesterday. I was so worried because I just wanted what was best for you and wanted someone who would treat you right and make you happy....Jeez, if I had only known then that I had absolutely nothing to worry about, I would have saved a lot of sleepless have a real winner in that man and you are so lucky, as is you lots..

Anna said...

What a sweet post! The Big Guy sounds like a keeper! The socks turned out great, and they look good on him. Glad you managed to "salvage" them!