Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life's too short.

Sasha says: "Hurry Up With My Blankee pleazze!"

About the socks: I agree with you Jeanne, I seem to recall a few washes not really helping the other "solo" sock I have in this yarn or else I would have a pair and I know I don't. I have some really nice stuff in my closet and I just bought more, there's no reason to twitter over making another scratchy sock! I'll use the rest of the yarn for cat toys or something (anybody want it?). I think I still have a couple more skeins of this stuff that I should put up on Rav to trade or sell. There's an Opal Group there that has over 450 members so somebody should want it!!! I can't understand their luv, but we all have our own opinions on things and I respect their choice to appreciate it in a way I can't.

I've been trying to start a beret for my sister in law but keep doing other things instead. I guess it's because it calls for a "tubular cast-on" and I don't really want to do it (cause I don't know how). Lately I've had the "fuzzy mind" issue going on, it's too much to think about no matter how easy it is. I guess I should at least watch the video again...maybe it'll just "click" all of a sudden.
Sophie says: "Cool! I'm camo'd from that child who always holds me captive!" Poor Kitty. She gets TOO much love sometimes.



knittinwolf said...

Such pretty kitties! Just love that afghan!:)I've never done a tubular cast on either...have no idea what it even is! Good luck!:)

kibbles said...

You kitty has a very sweet face! A tubular cast on? Never heard of it! I'm curious to see how it works for you. Oh, and scratchy socks...who needs them! I'll make sure not to order that yarn. Thanks for the warning!! :)

Anna said...

I've never done the tubular cast on, but you can google it and find instructions. (Actually I tried to include a link here for you, but I think that caused an error because my comment was erased and I have to start all over!)

I think with all those Opal-lovin' folks on Ravelry, you'll be able to find a loving home for the yarn. :D