Friday, June 20, 2008

I Lasted Half a Year! WOO HOO!

Being on a yarn diet wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I'll most likely continue after this little blip. Lasting six months is something I'm proud of because I'm a total "impulse" buyer if there ever was one. I can happily report that I've been on STR's site, ebay, and others over the past months and I've actually put things in my cart and been SO tempted to hit "buy now". Then I stopped. Yep, I just stepped back from the laptop and no one got hurt.

It felt good to really ponder those (wishful) purchases and realize "I'm not going to die if I don't get THIS color RIGHT NOW". Yes, I survived to knit another day. It was like when I was little and my brother and I would scour the Sears catalog for all the toys we wished we could have. And boy would our list be long. But, out of site, out of mind. Life goes on.

I got some of this (been wanting to try this - color 1812) THIS is so SOFT:

And some of this (Happy Feet Color 4):

And some MORE of this (I needed more Smooshy like I need more chocolate):

And this (which is really a lot prettier in person. It's Rio De La Plata Merino Sock):

The trip to visit the in-laws was really nice. Although it was typical Tennessee weather on the way there:

We were blessed that the storms went around us.

My In-laws are really a lot of fun to be around and we love to catch up on what everyone else is doing since The Big Guy's family is very spread out. His Mom & Dad are the "hub" where everyone checks in and gives updates (gossip! LOL!). His sister from Indiana was there with her son and we all went out for dinner at The Outback. Yum. I didn't order any cheesecake either. I was so proud of myself! (Okay, so I had three brownies in the car, I made them last several days!!)

One of the reasons I don't mind the drive there is because my FAVORITE yarn shop The Yarn Patch is on the way!!! These are absolutely the nicest ladies I think I've ever encountered and I've been to maybe 20 different shops in three states. I don't know how to explain it, other places are nice too, but this shop just has that "special" somethin, somethin. I wish I lived around there so I could knit with them. It's such a nice, comfortable atmosphere and they always make me feel welcome. I give this LYS 5 stars. They're the best.

The ride home was nice even though no yarn shop stops were made. Although, I was pooped from a little girl kicking me all night as we slept on a sleeper sofa. Well, SHE slept, I couldn't. The mattress was too soft for me and I always fancied myself like the "Princess and the Pea". I guess I can only do "soft" to a certain extent anymore. With this beautiful day in hand, I went back to sleep when I got home.

Summer seems to be flying by. We really want to get the girls rooms painted before school starts in August so that's been nagging at us. We have totally good intentions, let's just hope it happens. If I felt better most of the time I could do it no problem. The other main problem is picking out colors. Why is it so HARD?? It's like buying yarn, sometimes the choice of colors can make it impossible to feel "right" about what I've bought. Except with yarn I can go back and buy MORE! I actually wanted PURPLE sock yarn, and look what I brought home...well, there's always next year.


knittinwolf said...

How funny...I just asked about your diet earlier in an email!:) Love the colors...whatcha going to make with each one? :) Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! hugs

Anna said...

Six months is long enough I say (but I like to be an enabler)! I was drooling over those yarn pic. You got some nice stuff.

I can't sleep with The Girl at all. It just starts arguments. She kicks and rolls and shakes all night long.